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Have a question?

Got questions about managing your health? AM Health Management’s FAQs cover everything from Chronic Care plans to Remote Monitoring, plus tips for well-being and community involvement. Dive in and discover how we support your health journey!


What are some of the benefits of choosing AM Health Management?
  • We offer personalized care plans, proactive monitoring, holistic well-being support, patient empowerment, and 24/7 access to our care team.
  • By integrating cutting-edge technology, behavioral health services, and community initiatives, we aim to improve your quality of life, minimize hospitalizations, and promote better health outcomes for you and your community.
How do I get started?

Request a free consult by filling out the appointment request form.

Does Medicare cover the cost?

Yes. We also accept all major medical insurance plans.


What does Care Management at AM Health Management involve?
  • Our dedicated team acts as your central point of contact, coordinating your care plan, advocating for your needs, and monitoring your progress.
  • We connect you to resources, educate you about self-management techniques, and empower you to actively participate in managing your health.
What is Advanced Care Planning (ACP) and why is it important?
  • ACP allows you to discuss and document your healthcare preferences for future circumstances, ensuring your wishes are respected when you can’t communicate them.
  • This documentation provides clarity and reduces family conflict, guiding your care to align with your values and beliefs during critical times.
What is a Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Assessment and how does it impact my care?
  • This assessment identifies social and environmental factors like socioeconomic status, education, and housing that influence your health.
  • By understanding these determinants, we can tailor your care plan, address underlying root causes of health issues, and promote health equity within the community.
How is AM Health Management involved in the community?
  • We partner with local organizations to develop initiatives focusing on preventive care, education, and resources, promoting healthier lifestyles and strengthening community health.
  • This collaborative approach aims to address health disparities, improve access to care, and empower communities to take charge of their health.
How does Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) benefit my health?
  • BHI combines physical and mental health services within one setting, addressing both aspects of your well-being for holistic care.
  • This integrated approach leads to improved outcomes for chronic conditions, increased treatment adherence, and enhanced overall well-being.
What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and how does it work?
  • RPM uses advanced technology to collect real-time health data from your home, allowing for continuous monitoring without frequent in-person visits.
  • This enables early detection of health changes, personalized care adjustments, and reduced hospitalizations, contributing to better overall health management.
What is Chronic Care Management (CCM) and how can it benefit me?
  • CCM provides personalized care plans and continuous support for managing chronic conditions, leading to better health outcomes and improved quality of life.
  • It offers regular check-ins, medication management, care coordination, patient education, and 24/7 access to support, promoting proactive and effective management of your chronic condition.