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Care Management

 Care management is a comprehensive and patient-centered approach that coordinates and oversees healthcare services for individuals with complex medical needs or chronic conditions.



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Care Management

AM Health Management’s dedicated care management team coordinates and oversees personalized care plans, providing guidance and support to patients and their families, optimizing their health journey.
Our program involves a team-based approach to ensure that providers can give patients high-quality, coordinated care tailored to their specific health requirements.


Key elements and significance of Care Management include:

  • Assessment and Care Planning: Care managers conduct thorough assessments of patients’ medical history, current health status, social and environmental factors, and healthcare needs. Based on these assessments, personalized care plans are developed in collaboration with the patient and their healthcare team.

  • Coordination of Services: Care managers serve as a central point of contact and coordination between various healthcare providers, specialists, and support services. They ensure that all aspects of a patient’s care are organized and communicated effectively among the healthcare team.

  • Patient Advocacy: Care managers advocate for patients, ensuring that their needs, preferences, and concerns are addressed within the healthcare system. They empower patients to make informed decisions about their health by providing education and support.

  • Monitoring and Follow-Up: Care managers regularly monitor patients’ progress, ensuring adherence to treatment plans and medications. They conduct follow-up assessments, track health outcomes, and make necessary adjustments to the care plan as needed.

  • Resource Navigation: Care managers assist patients in accessing healthcare resources, support services, community programs, and financial assistance that may be beneficial for their well-being and treatment.

  • Promotion of Preventive Care: Care managers emphasize preventive care by educating patients about healthy lifestyle choices, regular screenings, and early intervention strategies to prevent complications or exacerbation of chronic conditions.

  • Empowering Self-Management: Care managers empower patients to take an active role in managing their health by providing tools, resources, and guidance for self-care, medication management, and disease management techniques.

  • Chronic Disease Management: For patients with chronic conditions, care managers provide ongoing support and guidance to manage their conditions effectively, reduce hospitalizations, and improve their quality of life.

    Care management aims to optimize the healthcare experience for patients by ensuring continuity, coordination, and personalized support. It focuses on improving health outcomes, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing healthcare costs by effectively managing and coordinating a patient’s care journey.